To keep your beautiful nails in excellent condition, please follow the guidelines below:

Do not use the nails as tools, treat them as jewels! Remember nail tips or overlays are artificial and will break under pressure;

A cuticle and nail oil should be used daily to condition the cuticle and surrounding nail area to encourage nail growth. This will also help to prevent lifting of the acrylic/flexigel/gel polish around the cuticle and side walls by keeping the nail plate hydrated. That way, products are encouraged to 'flex' with the extra moisture;

Hands should always be protected when cleaning, gardening, decorating and washing up using rubber gloves. Wear protective gloves when applying self-tan or place barrier cream over the nails when having a spray tan to prevent staining;

A non-acetone polish remover should be used to remove any nail enamel. If you choose to apply polish over the acrylic/gel, a base coat must be used first to prevent staining and a non-acetone remover to take it off;

Apply hand cream daily to complement the cuticle oil to prevent lifting and re-hydrate the skin;

You can apply a clear top coat every other day to help maintain the shine of enhanced nails;

Do not file the free edge of the nails as this can result in lifting and chipping of the product(s);

Do not pick or attempt any home removals or repairs. Removing products without the correct equipment or for the correct duration could result in damage to the nail plate;

Return to the salon for regular nail treatments/maintenance to encourage your nails to be healthy, and strong.